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Product Name:TCXO 7050 SMD

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    • Product Details:
      . Low Power Consumption
      . High Stability
      . Mass production with good uniformity
      . ISO9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 certificated
      . ROHS compliant
      . Custom build capability
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    Parameter Min Typ. Max Unit Condition Note
    Frequency Stability
    Frequency 10.0   50.0 MHz    
    Initial Frequency Accuracy -0.5ppm/-1ppm   +0.5ppm/+1pp ppm Vc=1.65V/ @25℃,after 15mins power on ref to nominal frequency.  
    Supply Variation   -0.2   +0.2 ppm Vcc±5%, @25℃  
    Load Variation   -0.2   +0.2 ppm CL±5%, @25℃  
    Aging per day -1   +1 ppm Aging after 30 days of operation For 10.000MHz operational frequency
    10 years -5   +5 ppm
    Temperature Stability -0.28/-1   +0.28/+1 ppm -40℃~+85℃ @ 25℃  
    Supply Voltage/Current
    Voltage Supply 3.135 3.3 3.465 V    
    4.75 5 5.25
    Operating  Current     10 mA    
        30 mA    
    Output Characteristics
    CMOS Load   15 30 pF    
    Output Level(VOL)     10%Vcc V    
    Output Level(VOH) 90%Vcc     V    
    Duty Cycle 45   55 %    
    Rise Time/ Fall Time     5 ns    
    Clipped Sine Load   10K/10P   Ω    
    Level 0.8V     Vpp    
    Harmonics Level            
    Phase Noise
    Phase Noise   -85   dBc/Hz @10Hz For 10.000MHz operational frequency
      -110   @100Hz
      -130   @1kHz
      -145   @10KHz
      -145   @100KHz
      -148   @1MHz
    Voltage Control Characteristics
    Control Voltage Range 0 1.65 3.3 V    
    0 2.5 5
    Frequency tuning range -9   -15 ppm Vc=0V For 10.000MHz operational frequency
    -1   +1 ppm Vc=1.65V
    +9   +15 ppm Vc=3.3V
    Slope Positive  
    Linearity -10   +10 %    
    Input Impedance 100        
    Mechanical specification & Package
    Package Size Refer to the below drawing
    Pin Connector Size
    Pin Connector Definition
    ROHS RoHS compliant(network exempted)


    Environmental, Mechanical Conditions
    Operating temp  range -40℃~+85℃
    Operable temp  range -40℃~+85℃
    Storage temp  range -50℃~+105℃
    Drop Test The test shall be carried out as the provisions of the IEC60028-2-32 test Ed.
    10cm height, 3 times on hard board with thickness of 3cm
    Bumping Test Device are bumped to three mutually perpendicular axes at peak acceleration of
    400m/s², each 4000±10 times , 6ms pulse duration time.
    Vibration test Frequency range: 1Hz-4Hz-100Hz-200Hz
    Acceleration: 0.0001g²/Hz-0.01g²/Hz-0.01g²/Hz-0.001g²/Hz
    Sweep time: 30 minutes (perpendicular axes each sweep time)
    Mechanical Shock 100g, 6mS duration, 1/2 sine wave, 3 shocks each direction along 3 mutually perpendicular planes.
    Thermal shock 0.5h@-40℃,0.5h@+85℃,Note: the changing time < 30 seconds, cycling for 100 times




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    VCXO DIP14
    VCXO DIP14
    . Low Power Consumption
    . Broad Voltage Control Range
    . Mass production with well uniformity
    . Custom build capability
    . 14-stitch full-size
    . Wide frequency range
    . Lead-free green product
    . Excellent environmental capability
    .Frequency adjustable
    .Supply voltage:3.3V or 5V
    .Low power consumption
    .High accuracy and high reliability
    HC-49SMD Series Crystal Resonator
    HC-49SMD Series Crystal Resonator
    . Low cost
    . Industry standard package
    . High reliability and stability crystal
    . Wide frequency range and calibration tolerances
    . Available
    . Rohs compliant / Pb free
    HC-49U/49T Series Crystal Resonator
    HC-49U/49T Series Crystal Resonator
    . Excellent aging performance
    . Mass production capability
    . High reliability design
    . RoHS Compliant / Pb Free
    . Customized as request

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